Finally, Authentic Persian Cuisine has returned to Atlanta. Chef Ali Mesghali is bringing his unique and flavorful touch to the newest city in Georgia. Ali has been cooking up amazing dishes for over 20 years. His latest venture, Rumi’s Kitchen opened January 12 on Roswell Road in the heart of Sandy Springs.

Ali has been around Persian Food all of his life; in fact his father originally brought Authentic Iranian food to Atlanta. Ali formerly wowed the region as the co-owner and head chef of Persepolis, a Sandy Springs favorite. According to Ali, “This type of food is my life; I have grown up preparing it. My experience combined with great service and a comfortable atmosphere will make Rumi’s Kitchen a place people will want to visit again and again.”

The restaurant is named after one of the most famous and well-read poets in the world, Jelaluddin Rumi, from the Ancient Persian Empire. Rumi's poetry has a mystic connotation, a combination that is the universal language of the human soul. According to Ali, “Rumi’s Kitchen is a place where hospitality, love, and friendship come together for the joy of the exquisite cuisine and traditions of Persia, the poetic land of Rumi.”

Inside Rumi’s Kitchen, you will be greeted by an inviting and cozy bar that opens into an intimate dining room accented by Middle Eastern Décor. Some unique elements include the amazing art, a great view of the kitchen, and a wall of flickering candles that give the space a warm, inviting feeling. Outside on the large covered patio, you can sit in the lavish wicker chairs and sample Turkish Tobacco in an authentic Hookah. Designed by Restaurants Consulting Group, Inc., the restaurant’s décor can be described as a mix of contemporary yet classical. It is truly a perfect blend of the old world charm and modern amenities.

Ali’s restaurants have always been known for their personal touches and Rumi’s is no exception. One example is that the eatery bakes their own bread daily. It's a traditional Persian flat bread with aromatic seeds on it. It is made in the wood stone oven which is the closest thing to the old fashion ovens in Iran which were known as "tanoor".

Rumi’s Kitchen dishes out popular favorites like Hummus (a blend of pureed chickpeas, sesame tahini, & garlic mixed with olive oil & lemon juice), Tabbouli (a zesty salad of cracked wheat, parsley, tomatoes, and scallions with a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, and fresh mint), and Dolmeh (freshly mixed ground beef, rice, and mild herbs hand wrapped in grape vine leaves and simmered in a zesty sweet and sour pomegranate sauce) as well as some unique items like Rumi’s Wings (chicken wings marinated in a zesty saffron dressing charbroiled on skewers) and Bodenjoon (pan fried eggplant slow cooked on a special tomato based veal stew, served with a side of saffron Basmati rice).

Chef Ali is also known for his delicious kabobs! Rumi’s Kitchen offers Vegetable, Chicken, Beef, Lamb, and Shrimp charbroiled on skewers. The restaurant brings the most popular Persian dishes to life! Every customer will find something to love on the Rumi’s Kitchen menu!