Rumi's food is full of history and enchantment from the freshly baked traditional bread to the flavorful starters and kabobs. Rumi’s Kitchen is a Persian restaurant with an inventive yet approachable menu that stays true to its Persian origins.
The starters on the menu range from the mildly flavored dips such as Rumi’s Dip and Mast Khiyar to spicy flavored Rumi’s Wings and the zesty sweet and sour flavored Dolmeh. The kabobs include fresh chicken, lamb, beef, salmon, and jumbo prawns which are marinated in a saffron sauce, placed on skewers, and cooked on an open broiler.
Traditional Khoresh dishes capture the authenticity and slow cooked flavors of Persian cuisine. The most unique and authentic flavor of Persian cuisine is Saffron which enhances the flavor and aroma of all other ingredients used in Persian cuisine.
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